Royal Rangers & Global Warming [S03,E105]

Royal Rangers & Global Warming

There is enough talk about right and left issues.  Here at The Ranger Podcast we spend the lion’s share of our conversations around talk that point up and down.  You might be asking yourself “Global Warming”, that sounds like a very right and left issue.  Yes, and it is a topic that gets regularly politicized.  Royal Ranger are not of this world but are certainly in it and need be able to handle the current topics of our times and know where to go to find answers when cornered on this and other very relevant issues.  Poles tell us that of the top 42 issues this falls close to the bottom, but it is a topic that is addressed at every school grade level and within many Church’s.  There or 125 evangelical churches that have formed an organization of dealing with global warming.

On today’s episode we are going to see where this topic had taken us as a culture, what God has to say about it and where a Royal Ranger should take his stand.

Where Are We?

If you give global warming an honest investigation you will soon see that there isn’t a consensus as we are often led to believe.  Yes, all scientist can give evidence to the ever-changing climate of our planet, but the consensus unravels when you try to quantify humans direct impact or our ability to steer climate in the future.  Mainstream culture absolutely puts the planet at the top of all living things.  In other words, mankind serves the planet.  Man is in dead last place.  Even over animals.  Don’t believe me?  Remember Michael Vic?  He was jailed for fighting dogs, but now we can end a life outside of the womb just because it’s inconvenient.  Yeah, we’re last.  Well, if the planet is in first place, they it makes sense that you would want to put hundreds of trillions of dollars, and resources ahead of many things to protect and preserve Earth.  Remember the Kyoto Protocol.  This was Bill Clintons attempt to address global warming.  The US involvement was going to be 200 billion a year for 40 years.  The problem was that after the models we finished they realized that it could have an impact of less than ½ a degree on the Earth’s temperature.  If we were to spend 200 billion today, we could provide clean drinking water for everyone on the planet.  Think about that.  We could end billions of cases of water borne diseases.  Still think we’re not in last place.

What’s God Say

Here is the meat of this episode.  When is doubt, or confused about which path to take, go to the Bible.  The first place to start is God’s commandments.  What’s most important?  Love and worship God first.  Not the Earth.  People have started worshipping the Earth and that’s where we went sideways.

Stating at Genesis 1 and working through chapter 3 you find that God starts with all the inanimate things, goes to all the animate things and ends with us.  Then He calls for us to subdue the Earth.  In other words, the Earth is to serve us.  That’s not to say we are to misuse or abuse the Earth.  1st Corinthians 8 God says use the Earth not abuse the Earth.  A Royal Ranger is called to be a good steward.  We must know what God’s paradigms are and live by them.  Moreover, we need to apply these paradigms to our engagement with society.

The United States is the oldest government on Earth, and we have a responsibility to engage where we can and vote.  Well, how can you cast a vote for someone to represent you if you first don’t understand what God has to say on the issues of our time and then compare those with the views of our candidates.

Royal Rangers & Global Warming

Can these be heated political conversations?  Yes, but we are raising the next generation of Christ Like servant leaders.  We don’t have to make them political or use them in a divisive way.  When you lean into God’s work and live by his plan they won’t be divisive, the will be prosperous.

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